Friday, January 20, 2012

How can I help my brother in less than a month?

This is a serious question. My Mom said that if I can get my brother's weight under 85 pounds, should would give me $200 immediately. Right now, he is about 95 pounds and he only turned 7 a few days ago. I already gave him an incentive of buying him the Metal Gear Solid or Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep PSP bundle. Can you give me any sort of way or advice to help him. Please, do not refer a diet plan or any sort of pill.

Answer on How can I help my brother in less than a month?

Make it fun, exercise is simply active playtime for a kid, take him roller skating that burns a ton of calories, go swimming and have races across the pool which is great cardio exercise, challenge him to be competitive with lines like "I bet you can't beat me" or "I bet you can't do this" and then encourage him by being amazed by his abilities even if their not great this will make him want to try harder to impress you.