Monday, January 2, 2012

Doesn't this seem very odd to you? ?

My ex boyfriend dumped me its been a 1year since since then (january 2010). My ex boyfriend mom called me and we talked like we were best friends. She told me she don't know whats going on with her son because she haven't heard from him or his girlfriend in awhile (my ex boyfriends in prison). His mom said she don't know whats up with his girlfriend? Last friend my ex boyfriend mom texted me this: "I JUST WANNA LET YOU KNOW THAT I WISH YOU AND MY SON COULD HAVE MADE IT HAPPEN..." She called me and asked me have I heard anything about my ex bf girlfriend I told her no. His mom told me his gf called her her and told her, her son wrote her a letter...she said his gf act like she was in a hurry and told her son gf to call back in ten mins. She said her sons gf never called so she called her and his gf never answered the phone. My ex bf mom said that the girl is messing with someone else... I wanna know is...if she is messing around with someone esle, why does she have their pics still up on myspace and facebook??

Answer on Doesn't this seem very odd to you? ?

That's very odd...