Friday, August 5, 2011

Should I like Justin Bieber?

I know this is sort of a weird question but I saw his movie never say never last night it kind of changed me. Not in to thinking wow he is so cute! But I used to think he was this big shot type of person but really he is not. But I honestly don't know I just saw the movie. And most of the time Justin Bieber trys to avoid his fan's and not stay in and actual contact with them he has facebook and twitter but never comments back to any one or messages any one and he is all ways flirting with other girls. And then their are the crazy fans who cry when they see pictures of justin seriously are some girls that stupid you won't end up getting married to Justin bieber he is in love with Selena Gomez. All the kids at my school HATE AND I MEEN HATE Justin bieber if you like him then say by by to popular but I don't care about that very much

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you can like him..omg i know lot of people is going to thumbs this down..but i realized that he got talent..really everyone hates him cuz of cool people in my school hated bieber so every student in my shcool started hatin him..i feel sad for him

Any one going to do this mass protest?

Lets force the goverment to realise that they can not continue to milk us for every penny. Lets refuse to pay the VAT on petrol when we pay for fuel on the 2nd of April. So you get ?10 worth of fuel you refuse to pay the 20% VAT and only offer to pay ?9 instead. Ok the police will be called and people will be Arrested. But if we act in huge numbers there will simply not be enough police to act. When large numbers act as one they can bring the goverment to there knees, it can even bring a goverment down. Look at the Arab world for an example of the use of the internet and huge numbers of people that will take action. So how are we going to get it all started copy this and paste it all over facebook, twitter, forums, yahoo answers. If only a hand full of people took the action. It would be like throwing a huge stone in a pond causing a cirle the would not stop. SO COME ON PEOPLE DO YOUR PART refuse to pay that VAT on the 2nd of APRIL. More action lets make this goverment take action. COPY AND PASTE ALL OVER THE INTERNET LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN.

Answer on Any one going to do this mass protest?

Its NOT that the 'UK' doesnt have the money,
The 'elite' have taken ?850 billion of OUR money.

Time we TOOK it back.

The Bank of England GOVENOR blames spending cuts on BANK BAILOUTS
' GOVERNMENT SPENDING CUTS ARE THE FAULT OF THE CITY and expressing surprise there has not been more public anger.'
ref :…

?850bn: official cost of the bank bailout
ref :…

In the financial year 2009/10 the UK recorded general government net borrowing of ?159.8 billion,
equivalent to 11.4 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP).
At the end of March 2010 general government debt was ?1000.4 billion,
equivalent to 71.3 per cent of GDP.
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