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Can you please help me to fill in the blanks with the correct answers...?

Exercise 1

Everyone knows about Mickey Mouse and Disneyland. The original Disneyland was built near Los Angeles. It was a _____(1) come true for one man, Walt Disney, _____(2) envisaged a huge playground _____(3) the people of the world, both _____(4) and old alike.

From the very _____(5), it was an instant success. Daily, _____(6) of people enter a totally _____(7) world; a world of fantasy, magic _____(8) wonder. This idea of _____(9) huge entertainment world later _____(10) to Florida, Tokyo and now _____(11) Europe.

A major part _____(12) Disneyland’s success is that there is _____(13) that will appeal to _____(14). Everything is carefully planned _____(15) only one thing in _____(16) for the visitor and _____(17) is enjoyment.

There is so _____(18) to see and do that no _____(19) ever gets bored in _____(20) wonderland of good, wholesome entertainment. A visit to Disneyland will leave you wanting to go back for more.

Exercise 2

A balanced diet is one of the essentials of good health. It consists chiefly of the main food group like proteins, fats, carbohydrates _____ water. It is important _____ our meals contain all _____ the above in the _____ proportions. But every often we _____ have more of one and _____ of another. Prolonged deficiency _____ any one of them _____ lead to malnutrition and _____.

Many types of food that _____ eat have been deprived of _____ due to modern prcessing methods. Vegetables _____ washed or stored lose a _____ portion of their vitamin and mineral _____. Modern life styles give a _____ of stress. Smoking and drinking _____ away from the body a large _____ of vitamin B and C as _____ as the essential minerals. Thus _____ ensure that the body is _____ starved of the basic requirements, food supplementations should be seriously considered.

Exercise 3

Yesterday, an afternoon fire nearly gutted the Furtune Supermarket along busy Jalan Kota.Quick action by two fireman from Sendawang prevented the fire _____ (1) damaging the entire five-storeyed _____ (2).Only the top floor was _____ (3) by the fire which was _____ (4) to have started from _____ (5) store-room,caused most likely _____6 a carelessly thrown cigarette butt.

Shoppers _____ (7) their last minute shopping spree _____ (8) caught by surprise as thick _____ (9) biliowed out from the store-room.Everyone _____ (10) in near panic as they _____ (11) out of the building.

Damaged was _____ (12) to be around RM 20 000 _____ (13) the fire,the ground _____ (14) was cordoned off to _____ (15) investigations to be carried _____ (17)

The owner of the supermarket said _____ (17) the fire was a big dissapointment _____ (18) his business. "But; he said _____ (19) determination. "I will not _____ (20) this misfortune to deter me from carrying on with my businee."

Exercise 4

Ask any elderly Chinese what the best cure for headache is and he will tell you it is Tiger Balm. This is an ointment in a quaint hexagonal bottle whose _____ has not changed since it was _____ used almost a century _____.

The balm was first _____ by a court physician, Aw Chu Kin, who _____ it on a Chinese Emperor. What _____ as a ‘royal rub’ soon found _____ way into most homes _____ its fame as an effective relief _____ aches and pains spread far and _____ travelers to and from China _____ feel incomplete without their ‘personal physician’ _____ a bottle.

Later Aw’s _____ sons, Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par took _____ the promotion of the balm, _____ them millionaires in the process. _____ wealth was widely used in the _____ of schools and hospitals.

_____ Tiger Balm has not declined _____ its use despite the passage _____ time. It could be used well into the next century.

Answer on Can you please help me to fill in the blanks with the correct answers...?

Hun, a better idea would be if you filled them out for yourself first. After you do that, post what YOU think the answers are and we can give feedback on any corrections or suggestions we might have.

Thanks! =)