Sunday, June 12, 2011

What do you think of my party theme ideas?

Hi all!

My birthdays coming up in July and I’ve been coming up theme ideas and would like some feedback please. My themes are quite out there, there just random ideas at the moment but which theme do you prefer?

Kid at heart – I could use references to games that I liked when I was a kid. Have kids candy etc Have games with kids humour.

Very British – British flags etc for decorations. Games referencing to things related to British. guess the name of people in Britain and british foods to eat

Chick Flick party – Games relating to romantic comedy films. I could do film quizs such as guess the film from the film clip and match the couples, man to women from films.

Shopaholic party – games relating to shopping, like guess the price of pairs of shoes, guess my favourite outfit from a set of outfits. I could have handbag decorations or something along those lines.

Arty Farty party- this could include games relating to drawing and art. I could make people graffiti a wall (with a large piece of paper on) other games could include guessing who the painting belongs too, eg Picasso etc

Google/ party – games relating to popular websites, facebook, myspace. Also using cool images I’ve found online for games. I could do games like guess whose email it is e.g.

Answer on What do you think of my party theme ideas?

I would call it "The Arty-Farty Very British Shopaholic Kid-at-Heart Party!"
THAT would make it really unique!

Start out by doing a everyone designing their own t-shirt with puffy paints...and then playing a game where everyone sits in a row behind one another: they each get paper and a pen....the last person in line puts the paper on the back of the person in front of her and draws something (don't make it too complicated)...then that person interprets what she just felt and draws on the person in front of her..and so on. After everyone is done: compare your drawings and see how different they are!

Now move on to the Very British part: Have things set up for a Tea Party: delicate cakes, pastries, finger sandwiches, teas and beverages, etc....very lacy and refined. Here's an easy recipe for a food item:…

Next move on to the Shopaholic part>>can do a mini fashion show using your wardrobe (or they each bring an outfit to wear)...everyone has to take a turn to tell about a person's outfit, after modeling that girl then takes the "podium" and she talks about the girl following her. Vote on best job done in each category (presenter and model and outfit...or categories for outfits: casual, etc). can set out a bunch of accessories and clothing and the girls have to put together an outfit (have 2 teams)...they have to write about it and present it with a model. You pick which team wins.

Then comes the Kid-at-Heart part: Cake and ice cream...funny party hats, those party blow roll-ups, balloon games (put a balloon between the backs of 2 girls and they have to go across the room sideways and dump the balloon in a box...if it drops, they start over) have teams.
Do an M&M treasure hunt game: where baggies of M&M's are hidden and the colors have point value…

You can add as much to each category as you like.