Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What is the big deal with DRAKE?

I'm finding it hard to take Aubrey Graham seriously as a rapper because:
1) He was on Degrassi. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Degrassi, but come on... one of the actors from there becoming a rapper!? LOL

2) He's really wack... his rapping and beats are mediocre at best.

3) He's Canadian. Nothing against that, but he doesn't have the whole rapper swag thing going on.

4) He speaks way too proper to make a good rapper. How many rappers out there actually speak properly??

Oh, well... I guess there's a lot of hype around him because he's affliated with lil Wayne... he's really bland to me.

Answer on What is the big deal with DRAKE?

I totally agree with you! In all his interviews, its like he is in a Degrassi interview. His lyrics are nothing special, dont get me wrong, his songs are addicting, but not amazing. Everyone says he must write Lil Wayne's lyrics because Drake's are so much better then Lil Wayne's. False. I haven't heard a single song by Drake thats' lyrics even compare to those of Lil Wayne. Or even Gabriel Antonio or Ludacris. He is a good guy, clean cut and out of trouble, but sadly thats not the "swag" of a rapper. But from what alot of fans seem to think, he is the best thing that has come out of Toronto in a while.