Sunday, May 29, 2011

Is this ok for me to take?

I'm 13. I've always been a little chubby, and I have been struggling to lose the last 10 pounds of fat to make me happy. Losing this weight would really boost my confidence.

So- I found these pills in my house, Resveratrol Ultra. It says that it "cleanses the body and promotes weight loss" and I read that the average user loses 17 pounds on it.

But is it safe for me to take? (Again, I am 13.) And I'm just too embarrassed to ask my mom.
Also, I've been on a healthy diet and exercise program, and it just isn't giving me results, so this is my last resort.

Thanks for all your help!

Answer on Is this ok for me to take?

If you are 13 you should not be taking these. I'd recommend seeing a doctor, or better yet look into a program with a exercise centered approach.