Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Nick. com /kca?

do you think Drake Bell is hot?

Answer on Nick. com /kca?

hes not just hot, hes smokin hot.
everything about him is hot. his music, smile, hair, clothes, guitar, personality....
hes even HOTTER in person!

i think he gets hotter everyday. hes the hottest guy ever. theres only one guy that gets pretty darn close to his hotness (and hes a lookalike).. i mean sure there are other guys that are hot...but other than noone can even come anywhere near his outstanding looks.

i beg to differ on what Lauren said. many times i would think about what i would be like if Drake lost all his fame and money...if he was some bum on the street. bad thing to think about but you know no matter what id still love him. hed still be him and thats hott! yes i would still find him attractive (maybe not as attractive though)
maybe what makes him so incredibly hot is his personality because truth be told he is the sweetest guy ive ever met.