Saturday, March 12, 2011

Do i need a passport to travel from Germany to Italy...?

I am stationed at Graffen, and Its my Birthday and would like to go down to Milan to spend it with my sister. Im in the US army, Have a military, But im looking for something easier than a passport. Any help and references are greatly appreciated.

Answer on Do i need a passport to travel from Germany to Italy...?

You will need a passport for travel. Your U.S. military ID in connection with a leave order is only accepted for travel to Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg (BNL), Denmark (DK), Hungary (HU), Portugal (PT), Sweden (SE), Norway (NO) and Switzerland. It is not accepted in Austria (AT) or Italy (IT).… [see page 29]… [see page 4, para 2.12.]

You could risk a road/train travel via Switzerland and hope not to be faced with a random selection immigration control in Italy; don't try to go through Austria, it is not a NATO country and does not accept military ID. To be safe however you should obtain the passport through your command channels; the U.S. Embassies and Consulates in Germany do not serve military personnel.… ..

A service member stationed in USAG Stuttgart attempted to cross the German-French border into Strasbourg on only a military ID card. He was mailed a €350 fine.… ..