Thursday, February 24, 2011

Does any one know how to do this hair?

its a selena gomez bun, and i think it looks really nice, i just dont know how to do it :/

here is the link :

my hair is similar to hers, so i think and i am thinking about getting my hair cut like hers too. :)

Answer on Does any one know how to do this hair?

oh wow, you are extremely lucky.
^my hair, is the same colour, length and curlyness of taylor swifts. :/

i think that you would first gather up all your hair at the back, leaving down your fringe and any side bits that you want to leave and frame your face and then put it in a loose bun on the back of your head in a bobble/pony band that's the same colour as your hair. then, using hair pins that are also the same colour as your hair, i would pin small parts of the bun up into your head, but leave them relatively messy so it looks more natural.

^hm; i can't really explain it on here, i know how to do it in my hair, but? if that made any sense, then i hope you get me.

but, once you've pinned up all your hair, just spray some finishing spray (personally i love the charles worthington one) and then voilaa your ready!

and, you should, her hair is ahhhmazing.