Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Selena Gomez for Halloween - Help?

I am looking to Selena Gomez for Halloween. What should I do... Any links to costumes? Also - What kind of wig should I get?

Answer on Selena Gomez for Halloween - Help?

You would probably be more noticed as her if you dressed up as her in A Year Without Rain, you could probably find a dress like that, it might be a little bit of money and not look the exact same just try to get a long flowing dress in a tan color, if it's too long or has sleeves cut them off but make it look good and try to picture it first and then wrap it around your arm. I think you can get the jewelery down by yourself :D as for her shoes I would just were something comfortable but elegant like flats :) if it's not noticeable and it's cold there you could wear pants.
Make-up should be easy, you can do mascara, eyeliner and a dark eyeshadow that's a little bit glittery.
Nails aren't important but I would do a french manicure.
Hair? Umm, if you can't dye your hair or it's not long enough here at the dollar general they have $2 black wigs that seem long enough, you'll have to style it though.