Monday, February 7, 2011

Cooking for non-lactose-free family?

Hope y'all have some suggestions here. I'm battling IBS and have read in many places that my positive lactalase breath test may also indicate that I have a lactose digestive issue. I am willing to go on a lactose-free/lactose-limited diet but what do I do for my husband and 4-year-old son? Although technically my (picky eater) husband could probably use to be on the same diet as well -- he suffers from terrible GERD -- in all reality he probably will not give up his whole milk, cheese and sour cream. I can substitute soy or rice beverages in cooking I know, but really this is noticeable in all but a few recipes. Plus, I want to limit my own choices so that I can stay on track. But the fact is that I am still the cook in the family and must figure out a way to make it work without resorting to making different meals for each of us! Any ideas on how to make this less painless on everyone? Recipes or recipe resource ideas? Support? :)

Answer on Cooking for non-lactose-free family?

You can find soy based cheese and milk products as well. For the sour cream, consider IMO which has no milk in it whatsoever. Its not half bad! And Breyers now makes a lactose free ice cream that's supposed to be pretty good as well. You can find butter substitutes by looking in Trader Joes or Whole Foods for vegan products. And, if your husband insists on eating stuff he shouldn't, then some Lactaid should be on hand!