Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How much does italy make from tourism?

can someone please help me find a good online articles about these i tried to find one and cant!. even if you can only find one about these thats fine too. pplzzz help
i need articles about this:

how much does italy make from tourism?
why do Italians charge cover charge? for sitting down
why do italians charge to go to the bathroom?
why do italians on the job not wear any goggles for safety? or why is safety not enforced?

its for a paper i have to write. so i need articles

THHHANNKKSSSS boys and girls!!

Answer on How much does italy make from tourism?

And why you need this? If you are here just to moan about the country why the hell you just don't sod off elsewhere and choose the place you like more?I was upset when in the UK I didn't find any bathroom with a bidet, by carpets all over, by the separate taps. Barely I could find a single restaurant open at sunday evening because after a certain hour they just like to be pissed, and the list could go the way I never paied to go in bathroom in Italy unless you are in some of those luxury places and in some railway stations. I am also pleased to see that you met any single italian worker and checked out that they don't wear safety goggles so I reckon that the one I've seen here in Italy were all aliens....simple if I decide to go to Uk I already know what to expect...I don't like? I sod off elsewhere, the world is big thanks God....