Wednesday, January 5, 2011

What does this letter mean? Is she in lala land?

I have a freind. She has a bf who just moved from California to be with her in Texas. The man has three kids from 3 diff. women and has abandoned them all. The oldest one is 8 and he abandoned her at 2. . no cards. . no child support. . she says he is wonderful.. does everything for her. . says he wants to turn over a new leaf adn have a relationship with his kids now. . even though he is miles away from them. I know I have a child and I think its dispicable he can provide for this women and not his own kids. . and I'm guessing this talk is all a show for her because she keeps saying he is trying , yet has not DONE anything. One of the mothers keeps proclaiming to her he was deemed a common sociopayh long ago and to beware. What to do?
She also said he called the first mother and told her he plans on raising a child with this woman. It sounds to me as if he did that in order to hurt the mother in the worst possible way he could. . What about her child and all the years he missed out on her ? She doesn't caer and thinks he is right. I think he must be manipulationg her and feeding her whatever she wants to hear?? I just dont get it. If I met a man who had children he abandoned and doesnt provide for in any way there would be no relationship. She actually told the poor mother that he will never move for his kid alone close by anywhere. . and the mother even offered it without the courts. That is just unimaginable to me
Futhermore, this individual seems to have a recurring theme in his life nad I doubt he is going to change adn raise a kid "just because she is so different adn special" Am I right?? I really don't know the stats on if this sort of thing is alwasy repeated after its been repeated 3 times already
All 3 Moms . . none of him make him pay support. reasons unknown. Sounds like he is getting away with a lot and then to find my freind adn they say they are going to live happily ever after. . They even work together. . I don't see this lasting.
Apparentlly this is her "first love" whatever this dude thinks love is idk. Lol
Also, the mother of the first born does not trust him . . . she gave him the offer of moving close by (at least an hour or two) alone and seeing his kid every other weekend.(without the courts like he wants) . but he refused. He moved for my freind. . she is sending rules to the first Mom telling her she needs to be nice and talk to him in order for him to care about his child!?!??!?! She sent the first Mom this letter:

I feel like you have no reason at all to say anything negative about me. You don't know me.

But, you claim you know Felix very well, better than anybody else.
If you knew him as well as you say, then you would know that the way you are approaching this, is probably not going to work out in your favor. He does not respond to name calling, threats, and harrassment. He will just fight back. I know you don't really want to be fighting with him. You want him to be in Chloe's life and you want his help. From where I am sitting, I think that if you really want to have Felix in Chloe's life, you are going to have to change your approach. Stop harrassaing him and having your friends text him, stop talking about him on facebook, and stop telling everyone your business. This is a matter between you and him.

Just talk to him.

What he wants now is to get along with you and he wants to be in Chloe's life as much as you will allow. I know you insist on him moving closer, by himself, but that is something that may never happen. Amarillo is so much closer than San Diego, cant you see that as a good thing? Give him one more chance to do right here. That is what he wants and that is what I want as well. But remember, just like you told me, he can't change overnight. This may take some time.

I do not want to do or say anything to get in the way of Felix having a relationship with Chloe and his other children. So this response is short. I do not have any ill will toward you, so please do not take this reply as a opportunity to make assumptions on my life and my thoughts. You do not know me. I prefer that you stop sending me email, but if you really want to communicate with me, I am not closing the door.

There is no need to forward any texts or pictures exchanged between the two of you. I have seen them ALL.

Please do not send messages to Emily for me. She does not want to be in the middle of this.

Also, you should know, he does not get on Facebook very often, he doesn't really like it (too much drama). So it took him a little time to get Chloe's message. But, I will tell you that it really made him smile to have a little chat with her. Don't block him from her...please. I think you really do want them to get to know each other and facebook may be a great place for that to start.

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Smoking pot says it all. Nothing else matters to them but their own needs. Bragging about it
means the pot went to their head and they are not thinking clearly so how are they capable
of anything .