Monday, March 14, 2011

Cost Of food/Drinks in Rome/Italy?

Me and my family 3 adults and 2 children are going to Rome in July 20-29 for 9 Nights could you please tell how much drinks cost and food breakfast is already included in our hotel package we wont have much for lunch like maybe sandwich or a salad and we are not keen on having royal dinner just a small meal like McDonald or KFC but also could you please tell me if i can get Halal Food in Rome?

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Answer on Cost Of food/Drinks in Rome/Italy?

Food in Rome may be very expensive or very cheap. You can find some addresses and tips for budget food on this website:
No KFC in Rome, :-( only Mc and BK
There are not a lot of "official" Halal places in Rome, but I think "Shawarma Station" near Santa Maria Maggiore sells Halal foods. Or you can just ask in one of the many kebab shop run by people from Muslim countries like this one… if their food is Halal.
Otherwise head for a pizzeria like this one… or this… .