Friday, December 10, 2010

Haircuts for big nose?

Any haircuts for big noses? My nose isn't big, BIG. My nose is like a pig's! LOL! Like Selena Gomez's. Yeah. Like that. So any haircuts that would be nice for me? and my nose? Thanks ..

Answer on Haircuts for big nose?

Not sure about a haircut but you can use make-up to make your nose look a little smaller. You will need to buy contouring make-up it should be about 2-3 shades darker in brown than you skintone. Make sure that there is no shimmer. Put a small amount on a make-up brush like a very small blush brush. You should place it from the beginning of your eyebrow down the sides of your nose not on the top. Make sure to blend so there is no line its supposed to look like a shadow. Also on the tip of your nose. If your not sure what Im talking about just look up contouring on youtube or the internet.