Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Twilight Quiz(Alice)?

Ok hears an Alice Cullen quiz!!!
1.Where did Alice meet Jasper?
2.What car did alice fall in love in while in italy?
3. What was Alice's full name prior to meeting Jasper and joining the Cullen family?
4.Which vampire, who attempted to kill Bella, once tried to murder Alice prior to her transformation?
5. Rosalie and Emmett like to flaunt their love and have had numerous weddings. How many times have Alice and Jasper been officially married?
ok have fun on the quiz!!!

Answer on Twilight Quiz(Alice)?

1. I can't really remember where, but I know that in her vision, she saw Jasper looking for her, so she went to find him, and then they both went to find the Cullens.
2. A yellow porsche.
3. Do you mean when she was a human? If it was, then it would be Mary Alice Brandon. But if you don't mean it, then I am not sure about that.
4. James
5. Does it say in the book? I don't think they did.