Thursday, July 15, 2010

Going to work in Italy soon!?

I start work in Italy as soon as I have received my passport. Since I already have a job in Italy, and my new employer has proved to them that I do, it is going to be prioritised. I should have it in about 2 or 3 weeks, and shortly after that I will be getting on a plane and starting my new job.

However, I'm unsure about a few things.

I have to fly from London Stansted, as that is the cheapest airport where I can get to Brindisi in Italy. I will have to travel down the night before, as the flight leaves early in the morning and I can't find any plane/bus/train that will get me there in time, not even an overnighter. Will I be allowed to sleep in the airport?

Also, I have applied for an EH1C card, but will I need travel insurance as well? I am going to be staying in Italy until the end of August, so I will be there for about 5 months. I can't find any travel insurance that doesn't cost a fortune. Even insurance with my bank would cost me ?90, which I can't afford as I have to save up for flights. I'm not even certain exactly how much a flight would cost me, as the prices seem to be changing daily. I can't book a flight until I've received my passport. Does anyone know if flights would be cheaper to book a few days or a few weeks before travelling?

I have found a few things on the Internet about the town I am going to - Lecce - but not a lot. Can anyone give me some firsthand information? I am going to Italy to be an Au Pair, but I don't even know simple things like where the nearest shops or parks are! I'm going to feel a bit useless having to get the parents or children to show me. I'd rather know a few things before I go.

I've been told that the weather has become hot and sunny recently. Do you think this will last, or am I better to bring some cold weather clothes as well?

Lastly, I've been told I'm not allowed to take fizzy juice or teabags on the plane with me! I am addicted to Irn Bru and Tetley tea, and I'm not sure how I'm going to be if I can't drink either of them. Think I'll end up being even more homesick! It was my parents that told me this, but I can't find anything that says about it. Does anyone know?

Any other information or help at all would be much appreciated! Thank you in advance =)

Answer on Going to work in Italy soon!?

i have currently been in Italy for a few months so this is what i know ! :

yes you can sleep in the airport although it wont be much fun. I used to travel to stansted using the national express bus to get there, have you checked them out ?

The EH1C card is for medical treatment in the country, travel insurance is more broad, for example it can cover stolen goods to drugs and medical bills to flying you back home in case of an emergency. Mine cost me about ?50 however since you are there longer, unfortunately there is not much you can do about it.

Booking flights is usually cheaper the earlier you do it, for example a month before. It can also be cheap from 7 - 1 days before, as the company wants to fill the plane! however booking a few days before can be a risk.

Don't worry about the town, why should you feel useless not knowing where the shops are if you have never been!? The people who know the most are the people you are going to stay with! you can look on google earth or maps, type the address in and get an idea of the area.

The weather is getting better slowly, but compared to england its summer right now! take a jacket and some jumpers for the rainy days and the odd cool night just incase, but it's only going to get hotter and hotter, and since Lecce is in the south, expect it to get very hot!

No liquids are allowed in hand luggage on the plane, doesn't matter what it is. They are allowed in the suitcase, however check stansted's website, it should tell you all there.

ciao ciao