Saturday, June 12, 2010

How do I narrow my waist and expand my bust?

So this is what I'm thinking: I can do loads of ab exercises and some thigh exercises (I've already got a bunch picked out) and eat stuff to make my boobs bigger. I don't want to make my chest wider, I just want bigger boobs. I barely fill an A cup right now, and I want to at least get to Bs WITHOUT getting a stomach. So what do I eat? And if you have any ab exercises that worked for you just post 'em please!! Also, will this idea work? If not, what will? I'm not looking for any weight loss programs or anything I have to purchase. I don't want a fat stomach that's toned or anything, I want a thin stomach that's toned and pretty with big boobs, if that decides what you'll say. So please help me!:)

Answer on How do I narrow my waist and expand my bust?

no that will not work. when you exercise you do burn calories which gets rid of fat. but you dont burn off fat only in the area you exercised, you gain and lose fat uniformly throughout the entire body and there is no way around it. you cant make one part of your body skinny and another fat, sorry :(. aside from a boob job i dont think you can increase the size of your boobs. boob size is hereditary and you cant alter your genes. you could try doing chest exercises to build those muscles and it may give the appearance of bigger boobs. im sure you look fine the way you are, girls always think theres something wrong with them, but really there isnt.