Friday, June 4, 2010

I am a teen and need to lose weight.. HELP!?

Summer is in 3 weeks. I know I can't lose a bunch of weight in 3 weeks. I am not fat.. I just am getting a little extra around my stomach. I want to wear a bikini of course but I have love handles.. and I don't think it good at all... I can't get any diet pills my parents don't approve.. I like exercise.. So any exercise plans or diets would be helpful THANKS(:

Answer on I am a teen and need to lose weight.. HELP!?

Absolutely DO NOT do diet pills.

Look at exercises that will up your core strength, since that is where you're having problems. Use weights or balance exercises. Just sit-ups won't cut it.

Eat more whole grains and less processed food - no more white bread! Cut down your salt intake too; a lot of what's there could be retaining water to balance out the salt (that is my #1 problem, too).

Good luck! Remember to keep it healthy and not stress out your body.