Saturday, May 22, 2010

Im hiding a deep dark secret?

We met on MySpace when we were both 15. I met him on a fake MySpace page that me and my friend were on. I literal starting talking to him everyday, and we fell in love. But I never told him the pictures were fake bc I was scared. But 8 months after I told him. He was mad but he told me to lose weight :/ so I did. But I was still scared to show him me. So I showed him another girl. So I'm still lying. I'm scared to tell him and he told me if I lied he would break up with me. I don't wanna lose him and idk what to do. We are now 17, we been talking everyday for almost 2years. My feelings are so strong. He has "cheated on me like 5 times and he was controlling but not anymore. Idk what to do. I don't wanna lose him but I also dont wanna lie anymore. Please help me :/ he also tells me how gorgeous I am and he is in love w. The way I look. Idk what to do

Answer on Im hiding a deep dark secret?

This is the MARRIAGE & DIVORCE section. Your not married or divorcing this guy....Get over him. He's cheated on you and there are plenty of other/honest men out there.