Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why do people like Justin Bieber so much?

Well all the time I see people (mostly teenage girls) go crazy for this guy saying he's so sweet and nice and that he's hot but... I don't see it. Like in his interviews he acts so conceded. How can people like that?

Answer on Why do people like Justin Bieber so much?

As you have stated, most of his fans are preteen and teen girls. Unfortunately, it doesn't take much to impress that demographic.

A sweet face and voice...lyrics about love and a liberal use of "baby"...some good dancing and a catchy tune are all that is needed to be successful.

When I was a preteen and younger teen, the lead singer of the boy band that was popular among girls like me was who everyone, including myself, was in love with. Now I look at that guy and think LOL! But it was cute then and I look back on it with grace.