Tuesday, February 2, 2010

BieberFever. com... few questions?

Ok so I LOVE Justin Bieber. And I wanna sign up for his site, Bieberfever.com. I already registered, but I wanna become a member. It said for 4 months the membership is free... then the regular price 8.99$ a month. But the thing is, when you wanna get the membership you need to put your credit card in like before, so that means they are gonna charge you 8.99$ BEFORE the 4 months? or right after the 4 months? also when I was trying to check out w/ my mom it said that the total is $35.96. Um what the h*ll? I didn't buy anything? I was thinking that they got that number because when you become a member of bieberfever.com, they send you like a welcome package w/ a poster, bracelet, &stuff like that. But like idk if thats what the $35.96 is for! Is that gonna be charged like right now if my mom puts her credit card in? Idk, somebody who is a member of this site needs to help me.. Please no haters who say "Why would you even sign up?" Honestly, none of your business. K thanksss

Answer on BieberFever.com... few questions?

Well $35.96 is the total for 4months so does it say for the 1st 8months or maybe you've misread
something on the site in your obvious hurry to sign up to a fansite for a boy who looks like he hasn't hit puberty yet at 16.