Saturday, December 12, 2009

Does anyone think that this facebook profile is fake?

I found out that my boyfriend had been exchanging nude photos with some girl on facebook. Her profile picture was fully clothed, and of an average looking person (not a model or anything). They had a few friends in common, and most of her friends were from the same area. Here's where it gets fishy: Despite that they were all from the same area (my bf's hometown), she supposedly isn't from that area. She went to two colleges, and the first is about 40 minutes from my BFs hometown and the other is in a completely different state, hundreds of miles away. She had two or three friends from the first college and none from the second. She told my BF that he looked familiar, but when I confronted him about it, he said he didn't know who she was in real life. They were sending nude photos through messages, but she didn't have any posted online. I searched her name on google, and nothing about her came up (only some things about an older woman and a man with the same name). There was a twitter account with the same first and last name that had a nude picture of a different naked girl. The facebook profile only had 4 likes, or interests, and they were all really generic. I noticed that she doesn't comment on any of her friend's walls, and no one comments on hers. None of her friends have pictures with her in them. I have been trying to figure out why someone would make an account like this. Does it sound real or fake? Also, I googled the email associated with the account and found a myspace page registered to a woman in a state different from my bf's hometown, the first college and the second college. It's completely private and there's just a picture of a signed Jersey (not a face picture). Any ideas?

Answer on Does anyone think that this facebook profile is fake?

It sounds fake...possibly a site set up to get naked pics of people to post elsewhere. (Once it's out there, there's NO getting those photos back!) First thing is to report the profile to Facebook & let them check it out. The next thing I'd do is find out why the f*ck my boyfriend is exchanging nudie photos with some random chick on Facebook!!

Good luck!