Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Will This Help Me Lose 35lbs In 3-4 Months?!?

im 12.
my new years resolution was to eat alot healthier. im doing pretty good honestly with food:
(excample of what i would eat)
breakfast:yogurt and fruit
lunch:water and salad ((if theres a salad bar at school that day, usually there is))
snack:pita chips and hummus (just about a handul)
dinner:my mom cooks usually. like shes very health concious so she'll cook like a chicken salad or tuna sandwich, or grilled chicken, etc.
i try and eat celery for snacks also so i atleast get some veggies in my diet.

will that help me lose weight?!?! and then dancing around the house for about 30 minutes 5 times a week?! or if its a good day running outside.
any tips would be very helpful thankyou(:

p:s im not doing this just because i wanna be thin and toned. i am doing this to become healthy. i want to get to a healthy weight, i want to feel good about myself, and i would NEVER crash diet or take pills. (:

Answer on Will This Help Me Lose 35lbs In 3-4 Months?!?

im proud of you that you realized being healthy is better than stick skinny... from my experince it depends on what you diet was beore you started eating healthy .. if you ate a load of crap eveyday and now your eating super healthy then that will help loads ... i think if you want to loose thay much weight you might want to throw in some excersice videos or somthing just to make sure your getting maximum weight loss(: