Friday, November 20, 2009

Help with cutting urges please!?

I'm 15 and have been cutting for two years, I'm depressed and in therapy they know about my cutting and i am trying to stop ive gone from 3/4 times a day to a couple times a week but.. ive started at an adolecent unit for kids with mental health and behavior problems and i have anxiety so i didn't speak to anyone on my first day (yesterday) and it was soo hard for me just being there i had the urge to cut all day and because i couldn't i just wanted to cry and go home and i was quite short tempered how can i cope with this better while I'm there, its part of the reason I'm there but i don't want to make it blatantly obvious to everyone else by pinging an elastic band. Help me please!?

Answer on Help with cutting urges please!?

They are letting you on the computer?
Well, good that you are at least getting some kind of help, and you could just let them know how you feel about all this, talk about your feelings.
Because one of the things they know is that cutting is addictive to the hormone rushes one gets when cutting, and that cutting and its urges are about covering intense and underlying painful feelings and problems.
So , in a sense you are going , 'cold turkey' and your feelings are now coming up.

If you want to share some resources with others including staff, or just use them yoruself, here are some
1-331-442-4863 a text site just for cutters to talk when they have urges to cut
18887576237 a hot line 18003668288 for cutting/selfinjury
support groups at

Here are some positive groups for you click on 'get started free'. These therapists can help you heal , even if you are already in therapy.

Respecting and loving yourself, becoming your own best friend , is a very most important thing.

You could take advantage of what ever they are teaching, and if you are having problems with it, then TALK to them, share with them, and let them know what is going on with you , how you feel and the rest.
Tell them you feel like crying and going home, that you are feeling short tempered and don't know how to cope with this any better and ask them how to do that.
If you 'ping' an elastic band, no one is going to think badly they will see you as helping yourself, PUt your hand in your pocket and ping that way, if you have pockets, or go to the bathroom, your room or turn your back, or something.
Ask THEM for help. That is the whole point, to deal face to face with others about this.
When you are able to do so, ask someone specialized in hormones to test your hormones levels, tsh, sex,adrenal, cortisol, dheas levels. Drs. Shames an MD and his PHD psychiatric nurse wife, answer questions here sometimes.
the very best wishes