Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Having Issues ejaculating during intercourse?

This is a highly personal question, but since our health insurance sucks, I need this answered. What my problem is during intercourse, whether I am wearing a condom or not, I can't seem to ejaculate. Now if I masturbate, it's no big deal, only when I have any type of intercourse. My diet isn't terrible, but could use some work, I have a history of phase reversals, and have been a smoker for nearly 9 years. I just need to know what my problem is and how to fix it, considering me and the wife are TTC (Trying to conceive).


Answer on Having Issues ejaculating during intercourse?

As Vic posted, your issue is almost certainly being caused by your habituation to masturbation as your penis's preferred method of stimulation. This can happen for a few different reasons:

a) you masturbate frequently

b) you masturbate to visual / sensual stimulation that is not present when you have intercourse

c) you are either tired, stressed, or uninterested in your sexual partner.

Depending on which of these you know to be true for yourself (or suspect may be true), you'll want to change your behavior accordingly. If reason "a" is the cause, masturbate less or not at all, particularly on days you know or have reason to believe you may be engaging in intercourse with your partner in the next day or two.

If your cause is reason "b", I would suggest either masturbating less, using the same or similar visual / sensual stimulation when you have sex with your wife (like watching porn with your wife during intercourse), or using your imagination to place yourself in the visual scenario that you find arousing when you're masturbating.

If your cause is reason "c", try to "schedule" your conception attempts when you are most likely to feel refreshed, unstressed, and interested in sex. This would most likely be in the morning on a weekend, unless you work during such a time. In that case, do it whenever you don't have anything else you should be doing, and would otherwise be masturbating if the wife weren't there. :)

Hope this helps, good luck on the baby-making!