Sunday, June 21, 2009

NO guys have anything in common with me ! ( guys )?

I've never met a guy that likes the same things as me.

I love sports. Watching/playing love it all. Exspecially football and Baseball ( : I enjoy listening to 80's rock ( Queen, Journey, Def Leperd ) and classical like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Nat King Cole. With that, I recently starting learning how to play the drums =) My favorite thing to do is laugh. It's the best quality any person could ever have. I also enjoy old films, like breakfast at Tiffany's ( Audrey Hepburn <3 ) and horror movies. Besides that, I can't be inside. Love canooing, hicking, PAINTBALLING, yoga, and jogging. When I'm older i wish too go to Africa and help provide a cure for HIV aids. After that I want to move to Italy and open up a small coffee shop witrh TONS of photography.

Any guy have the same qualities ?
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Answer on NO guys have anything in common with me ! ( guys )?

Not the same but close. I like Baseball and enjoy 80’s rock too(journey one of my favorite). I play the bass in a band and like to tell jokes. I love 70’s horror movies and art films. I do like to spend time in my house reading and other stuff. I do like going hiking and camping. I want to become a teacher and at one point I want to go to Africa to teach there. I want to visit Europe and retire in Switzerland. Not the same but theirs not to people completely the same in the world.