Friday, June 12, 2009

Does this guy like me?

Ok here are some signs:
Whenever I walk into a class and he is there he always calls out my name and says hi.
Talks to me a lot! (more than any other girl)
Always tries to sit near me in the class we get to pick our seats
tries to get me on his team in volleyball
he always mention how he goes on a run every night and when i asked him how his run was he said I don't do that anymore but then immediately said but I think I'm going to star again.
He will also tell me if he got a good grade on a test (trying to impress?)

things that make me question:
really the only other girl he talks to is my best friend and he always is hugging her! He never hugs me. He is not trying to make me jealous I think because he will even do it when I'm not around. Thankfully he hasn't been doing it for the past few days and I think it is because he knows she doesn't like it. Also he knows she likes this other guy. I don't think he is using me to make her jealous because he doesn't really talk to me when she is around, and she is not around a lot.

Answer on Does this guy like me?

Awww..he's definetley into you. Just look at the way he always calls out your name when you enter class. Doesn't that say it all? Like why not another girl? Think about it. He really does like you. And you know guys that tell girls personal things like grades, means they confide in them alot! So you should be happy he tells you these things. And he wants to be close to you all the time. What more could you ask for? YES, this guy likes you. :)

What does Gaga mean with "it doesn't matter if you love him or Capital HIM"?

Answer on What does Gaga mean with "it doesn't matter if you love him or Capital HIM"?

There is no Right answer to that question, once again Lady Gaga has left it up us (the fans) to decide, but as far I've seen these are some definitions the public has gotten.
HIM : referring to "His Infernal Majesty" talking about the devil.
HIM : Since its capitalized it means God.
HIM : referring to loving another man (Gay).
So here is what she could be saying
HIM (1) It does not mater if you love him or the devil ( maybe referring to God or the Devil ) So love who ever you want, no matter who you worship.
HIM (2) It doesn't matter if you love him ( a man [talking about gay relationship]) or if you love God. because in most religious views homosexuals are seen as wrong.
HIM (3) It doesn't matter if you love him (saying it from a perspective of a woman) or or of if you love capital HIM (now saying it from the perspective of another man).

Well those are the 3 ways that certain people are seeing it. But this is what Gaga does that i love. She makes a song & always leaves a part that has 2 meanings (an evil one & a good one) Then we will never actually know what did she really mean in that part?