Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm 16, traveling in Europe...?

I'm 16 years old, and I'm going with a school group to Italy, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Austria. However, we are going to have several days where we just get to explore without an adult, as long as we bring at least one person with us. What should my friend and I do (we are both 16 and girls) in Paris, Heidelberg, Lucerne, Venice, and Munich when we are on our own? Help with Paris would be the best.

We love going to more "local" things, because we would like to experience as much of the culture as we can. That means small coffee shops, fun stores, or even just fun outside things. Help please? Thank you!

Answer on I'm 16, traveling in Europe...?

So in Venice, I have a tip first. DO NOT buy pizza from a vending machine. It's disgusting. Anyway, I would suggest walking on the Ponte di Rialto. I walk on it at night, and look at the stars, and it's beautiful. Also, take a gondola under the Ponte dei Sospiri. Ask for Roberto the gondolier. He's really nice. The coffee is really really good in the Piazza san Marco, but DO NOT go there during the early afternoon. I always go there after school, maybe around 6:00, and have a cup that only costs 6 euros, and it's amazing. It's not as crowded around that time. And for local things, too, my favorite thing ever is to go to the park Giardini Pubblici?, it's reallyreally fun! Have fun! Also, if you have a little spare time in Switzerland, Lugano is BEAUTIFUL!