Saturday, April 4, 2009

Questions about Hydroxycut?

I am a 15 year old GIRL who wants to loose weight fast.

First of all, I am going to be combining this with diet and exercise and just really need a extra "boost" to get me going towards my goal. I am about 135 pounds, when I used to be 115. I am going to take some sort of weight loss pill weather your comments are supportive or not so please don't try to tell me all I need is diet and exercise.

So firstly is there a different weight loss pill that is available without a prescription in Canada that would work better for the results I am looking for? (very fast weight loss)

Could a 15 year old walk into a store and be able to purchase Hydroxycut without having to order it online?

Is there anything (tips?) I should know before I start taking it?

What is the average rate of Weight loss?

Is this only for body builders?\\How much do the Hydroxycut pills cost in Canada?

Thaaanks :)

Answer on Questions about Hydroxycut?

Re slimming pills. Most tell you to change your diet and lifestyle.
ie you do the work and they take your money.

To answer your questions, Please don't go for fast, the weight doesn't go on quickly and it won't come off quickly.

As for buying pills if you look on the packages or bottles in any store the label will say if there is an age you need to be to purchase them. Although some stores set their own agenda.

There is info on Hydroxycut on the links.
Read carefully.

Spanish in Italy?

Alright, i speak english, and spanish (not fluently), and would one day like to live in either Spain or Italy. However, im leaning towards Italy, but i really want to be able to use Spanish as like a main language if i do end up moving to Europe one day. Is there anywhere in Italy that both Italian and Spanish is spoken? I mean i know a little bit of italian too, but i really like spanish and am better at it and would really like to use that. thanks!

Answer on Spanish in Italy?

Well, there are many Spanish expats who speak Castillian in Rome and Naples (the King of Spain used to rule most of Southern Italy and has a close relationship with the Pope).

And of course because they share the same root structure, many Italians can understand it somewhat. But they are still keen on speaking Italian first (and English second! as it has become very popular in commerce) before switching to other languages.

The only place in the world where both Castillian and Italian are readily understood and used by most of the public is Argentina.