Monday, March 30, 2009

Iprefer Trending Topic?

The other day #iprefer was trending on Twitter and just because I was curious, I clicked to see what people were saying. And then I saw this " #iprefer a light skin girl with long hair," which made me think of Soulja Boy's song Pretty Boy Swag where he rapped " I'm lookin' for a yellow bone long haired star" and also Lil' Wayne's lyrics where he said "The most beautiful black woman I've ever seen I bet the B**** look better red." It seems to me that black men don't care for darker skinned women any more. I'm a 17 year old dark skin girl with short hair, I'm pretty confident in the way I look (inside and out), but something just kind of bugs me when I hear these things. Is there anything wrong with dark skin short haired girls? I'm not trying to be sarcastic or abrasive, I'm just asking?

Answer on Iprefer Trending Topic?

Don't think that just because 2 guys have song lyrics that mention non-dark skinned women, that no one likes dark skinned women...confidence is a big bonus, no matter what the color of your skin...