Saturday, March 14, 2009

How do i move on from this :(?

I'm sorry its so long. I just really need advice. I don't want to be heart broken and hopeless anymore... i dont want him to do this to me. My ex bf of three months was in the army so call me a dreamer but i thought he cared about me enough to wait for me but i should have known better. he cheated on me with a stripper. but he doesn't know i know and im not allowed to tell him i know. because the friend that told me would get in trouble with him and i don't want that. and he had nude pictures of me and willingly sent them to his friend and didn't even care. and he refused to delete them after we broke up. but lucky for me the friend he sent them to convinced him to delete them and tricked him and told him hed keep them for him. and then got rid of them for me. so obviously he wasn't who i thought he was. i had known him for two years before we dated but i think the army may have changed him a little. and i don't think he ever really cared about me at all. even though his friends told me hed say im "the only thing keeping him going" and stuff but Idk... :/ I deleted his number, every picture, every message, burned his stupid shirt, and deleted him from facebook but i cant resist to look sometimes and hes already talking to other girls and the day after his status went back to Single him and his other friends i don't really know were saying stuff like "girls just slow us down" and hed say "im a free spirit you gotta let me fly XD" and crap like that... while im sitting here crying... its not fair. i must not be very special if its that easy to get over. Btw, I broke up with him but i was expecting him to fight for me and he didn't :( but i guess it was better in the end cause he was a jerk. but i really felt like i was in love. but im a naive 16 year old girl.. he liked me since i was a freshman. and i finally liked him back and then he does this. i just don't understand. and he was with me the all night before he left to go back to the army and he we were up most of the night and fell asleep in each others arms and a tear rolled down his cheek as he had to say goodbye to me... I miss him so much but hes... fine. wtf? :( how do i move on if i cant even yell at him for cheating!! also, after we were broken up for about a week i texted him asking really nicley to delete them and he acted complatley indifferent and rude and mean. like i was dirt or something. :,(

Answer on How do i move on from this :(?

Ways to recover from break-up:

* You have to understand healing process takes time. So, you should give yourself plenty of time to heal.
* Keep yourself busy. Don’t allow yourself any daydreaming time. Take a hobby, join some volunteer work, read books, watch T.V.
* Always try to be with your friends and family. You can call your old friends, meet them.
* Make an effort to meet new people. Join a club, take a class, volunteer, go the park, attend a concert. Allow these larger social groups to replace the connections you had with your lover for a while.
* Focus on yourself. Much of your energy went into your relationship and now you have time to pamper yourself. Take those long baths you never had time for, read that saucy novel that has dust on it, so now is the time to work on yourself.

Oh, he's a jerk and you deserve way better than him. You will find someone who treat you right someday :) All the best <3