Monday, February 2, 2009

Dairy & Salicylate free meals.?

My sister in law is trialling a salicylate and dairy free diet at the moment but she's finding it really difficult to come up with interesting recipes for meals. Having to eliminate both dairy and salicylates at the same time makes it really tough. I've searched the net but havent come up with very much. Does anyone have any recipes or know of a website that might have some.

Answer on Dairy & Salicylate free meals.? outlines the foods to avoid. has recipes,so if you type in an allowed food, many recipes will show, and just leave out the offending item.
scalloped potatoes, cabbage rolls, carrot soup and salad, potato and peas, pumpkin soup, roast pumkin, potatoes, peas and meat,
tomato soup, salad with tomatoes, banana soy smoothie, watermelon,
watermelon smoothie, hot lemon drink, lemon cake and cookies, coconut, pina colada, pineapple and ham steak, oranges, orange cake,
mandarins, walnuts and walnuts in baking. You can eat all the meat you want.

Is there anyway I can get my videos back which I got from itunes?

My iTunes was wiped out. I have no idea how that happened. I am in the process of putting my songs in iDump so i can still have my songs, but don't know what to do with the videos that were gone. I bought about Eight episodes of Family Guy, An Episode of American Dad, An Episode of Even Stevens, An Episode of Drake & Josh, and some John Lennon Videos. All in all, I bought about 30 dollars of stuff with it. So is there anyway I can get it all back because I am starting to panic.

Answer on Is there anyway I can get my videos back which I got from itunes?

first of all take a deep breath and stop panicking its ok go to and e-mail them and tell them how much you spent and what happend and they will tell u what to do