Saturday, December 6, 2008

My 2 y/o Boxer more aggressive after being neutered? What is going on?

I have a 2 y/o Boxer that I have had since he was a pup. He has recently been showing dominance aggression towards other dogs at the dog park. He never used to be this way but over the span of about a year of going to the dog park 3 x a week he has gotten worse. He used to run around non stop and get other dogs to chase him. Then it turned into annoying other dogs so much they would snap at him. Now it has gotten to the point where when they snap at him he snaps back. The weird thing is that he will never back down from a fight. He will try to keep going back once he is literally torn off the other dog. I am just at my witts end. We have tried changing diet, behavioral training, and reading all kinds of articles on aggression. We finally decided to neuter him to see if this would help and for some reason he got worse! Now we cannot even take him to the dog park because he literally picks fights with any dog that just comes near him. I am scared to take him out by myself. I know he would never hurt me but he continuously tries to attack other dogs and I don't know if this would move towards other humans. Please help, I desperately want my dog back!!!

Answer on My 2 y/o Boxer more aggressive after being neutered? What is going on?

ooohhh he sounds like he's pi$$ed @ you for doing that. talk to your vet about it, he may need meds to help control him or calm him temporarily. i'm sorry, that really sux.