Saturday, November 8, 2008

Touring Europe for the First Time!?

I would like to tour Europe starting October 2007, particularly, Portugal (Lisbon), Spain (Madrid & Barcelona), France (Paris), Italy(Rome, Florence, Nice, Venice), Germany (Berlin & Frankfurt), Amsterdam (Netherlands). I'd be coming from Asia. Advice and tips would be highly appreciated!

Answer on Touring Europe for the First Time!?

Try to go by train (euro pass for 2 months) - stay in hostels it is cheaper and more fun for younger people. Don't book in advance your hostels as then you have to rush and leave places earlier then you would like. Try to start from Rome up north around Italy, then France coastal, then Spain (coastal) then Portugal. From Portugal work you way up to Madrid then Paris. From Paris go to England (London etc) then Amsterdam and from there continental Europe if you have left any time and money. Good luck it is good fun