Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is my kitty in good health? please help?

My kitty is a 8 month old ragdoll kitten
my previous cat was a himalayan and was MUCH larger in size. this cat is pretty small- About the size of a large kitten
I also have to entirely change her litter box every 2 days because she pees a lot...but whats wierd is that she doesn't drink a lot of water. by the way: i put about 5 cups of litter in my kittens box
Edit: another thing I am worried about… when we first got our kitten, I did a lot of research on homemade cat diets. I even consulted a vet at a vet clinic. He told me that if I wanted a natural diet, I could try a natural pet food store (there are many nearby my house) but I already knew that and wasn’t interested. I asked him what was the best recipe for homemade cat food- he said 1/3 chicken, cooked (boneless) 1/3 veggies (As a treat) and 1/3 grains (just a small amount). That diet was GREAT- we have had her for 5 months or so and she loves this food and the last time we went to the vet they said everything looked great and her weight was normal. For the last two week, she hasn’t been eating a lot. I give her a cup of food a day (no more because she never finishes it) well, she hasn’t been eating it. She comes, sniffs it, and walks away. No meows, nothing. Almost a “whatever” attitude. The first time this happened, I found out that she doesn’t like the tuna I added, so I got rid of it and made new food, and she ate it all. This time, I put a cup of food, overnight, I wake up in the morning. Its all there. Nothing much eaten. I just came home an hour ago and threw away this food AGAIN (I know, big waste) and made new food. She still didn’t seem to like it. What is happening?

how much "pee" is normal? Is her size normal? she got her shots a few months ago and that was the last time we got her weight and everything checked. i can't afford a vet right now and I am a little skeptic of the "free vet checkup" ads because i'm afraid they will make me do a ton of tests on my cat and they will rack up a huge bill
any tips?

Answer on Is my kitty in good health? please help?

My first thought is that's a huge amount of grains and veggies for a carnivore. Cats should have a meat based diet. Also be sure your cat is getting sufficient calcium. Cats in the wild would eat raw animals, including bone, which would provide the calcium. I doubt that's causing the issue here but it is a good thing to think about and do some research.

I would try some other foods, perhaps dry kibble (not the healthiest, but at this point, something is better than nothing), and perhaps some canned food. If you can't get her to eat anything, you need to check in with your vet soon. Cats that don't eat are at high risk for fatty liver disease. It can start setting in with as little as 3 days of not eating. It's not really something to mess around with.

As for her size, hard to say based on your description. I would guess a minimum of 5 pounds at 8 months. By then they are getting close to full grown. A petite cat may only weight 6 or 7 pounds. Good luck!

How common is weight loss/weight gain in Trazodone?

I was just prescribed Trazodone for an anti-depressent/anxiety medicine. I tried looking up if it is more likely to make you gain weight or lose weight but I couldn't find any specific answers. Anyone have any experience with this medicine?

Answer on How common is weight loss/weight gain in Trazodone?

Weight gain is common with Trazodone,my husband takes it, but it is a low level antidepressant. Wellbutrin is similar but doesn't cause the weight gain. Someone mentioned Meridia, that is a weight loss medication and I believe you need to be considered severely obese to get it prescribed.