Sunday, November 2, 2008

Should and how foreign regimes thank China for having a vision of making this world a better world?

China, under the leadership of the highly capable CCP government, has a vision to explore the space for the benefit of the mankind.

Someday in the near future, when China is able to bring all the needed natural resources from the space to supply to every country, to make everyone live without a fear of running out of natural resources and food, and the foreign regimes will no longer need to resort looting the natural resources from weaker countries for survival, this world will become a perfect world to live.

Should and how foreign regimes thank China for having such a good vision for bringing peace and wealth to this world ?

Can anyone with a strong geopolitical and science background combined answer this question. Thanks.


Answer on Should and how foreign regimes thank China for having a vision of making this world a better world?

You have brought up a very strategic point about the long-term goals of China's space exploration program. China's first manned space flight and Moon orbiter were the initial steps toward landing men on the Moon, establishing a permanent base on the Moon, and extracting Helium 3 from the Moon.

Helium 3 is nonexistent on Earth, but abundant on the Moon. Scientists believe that Helium 3 is the long-term solution to the world's energy problems. 100 pounds of Helium 3 can generate enough energy to replace all of the fossil fuel burned in an entire year. Let me repeat that because it is incredibly important. A relatively small amount of Helium 3 can meet the entire energy needs of planet Earth.

Imagine the consequences of such a new power source. No more toxic smoke from burning fossil fuels, no more carbon footprint, and no more Arab control of the world's energy supply. China will manage the Earth's energy needs from its mining operation on the Moon.

Age restrictions when travelling to Europe.?

I am 18 and my cousin is 16. Will i be allowed to bring her with me on a eurotrip? Am i considered an adult there? How old should you be to travel to europe without parents?

Places would be UK, France, Italy, Germany and Czech Republic.

Answer on Age restrictions when travelling to Europe.?

At 18 you can travel alone, or with someone your age. I think legally you can be seen as the adult in the case of you two traveling together, but I think you will be too young to take that responsibility.
If something happens to her and she has to go to hospital you would have to give permission for medical care, while at 18 you will not yet be adult enough to handle that.

It will be better to wait till she is 18 and you are 20, much easier legally, both of you will enjoy the travels more.

If you do not want to wait longer and can not find others to travel with you, I think traveling alone would be better than traveling with someone so much younger.