Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hey TRAVELERS!!!! WHich is better Spain or Italy?

I asked my friend which place is better to live in Italy or Spain.
She said Italy because Spain is racist. IS THIS TRUE?
Anyway what are some great features of the two countries
and how the people are there.
Thank you :)

Answer on Hey TRAVELERS!!!! WHich is better Spain or Italy?

I am from the US and traveled to the south of Spain last year with my wife an 2 children for about 7 weeks and really love the place. The history, weather, culture, beaches, etc...

Spain is a fractured country when you look at the various groups that remain after Franco (simplification) but this doesn't really play into what I suspect you call racism. These regional differences also exist in Italy (North and South) as they do in most of the world.

I have traveled to both countries and have had positive experiences with both cultures. When you travel to another country your experience will have much to do with what you pack in the head.

I suggest you travel to both countries yourself before you decide and be sure to do some homework regarding the multitude of factors that are involved in "living" in either country.

Deciding to "live" in Italy because someone told you the Spanish are racist would be as short sighted as picking Spain because of what I have said.