Saturday, September 27, 2008

Gen Y..does anyone else feel like we are just a generation of losers?

I guess I'm categorizing anyway who is like 24-30 now...I was born in 83' and I'll be 28 in August...I mean Gen X were really a bunch of scrubs...just down trodden and the whole "bleh" movement...but it feels like we were maybe onto something in the late 90s...around 2000-2001...or maybe I was just a teenager...but I can remember a feeling like wee wanted to do something...everyone was sick of the whole I'm too cool for school attitude....then 9/11 happened ...and it just brought the whole thing crashing down...there was a strange time there..even early in college, where it felt like everything was all I never really had a cellphone until about 2004 and even then its been off and on...but I remember everyone swore by them...and in college everyone had a laptop except for me it seemed, roommate, every last person on my floor...I just sort of felt out of the its just out of hand whereas you are looked down upon if you dont have like the latest blueberry deluxe hyperbolic iPhone...and every last person is on facebook and tweets...I still dont really get it, I'm on it all but I still find it to be incredibly now are growing up with facebook, cell phones, and reality tv from as far back as they can remember...its like what I consider being a loser is whats one goes outside or anywhere with out there electronic devices...and a big part of it all is to downplay it and realize that its super lame but participate anywway...basically the epidemy of too cool for school and the "bleh" movement...I feel our generation was instrumental in making it this way, and I am ashamed...I would like to apologize to humanity on our behalf.

Answer on Gen Y..does anyone else feel like we are just a generation of losers?

every generation feels that way.