Saturday, August 30, 2008

Operation in Mogadiscio - Fall '93 - Was it a failure or not?

Dear all,
I watched three years ago the movie "Black Hawk down" by Ridley Scott. I was very shocked by all real aspects of the movie which described the difficulties of US army (18 marines killed), during one day operations against Aidid rioters.
Do you think that mission was a failure?
Help me understand. I didn't find so many sources in the net for that hystorical event.
Thanks to your support American friends.
Simon (Milan - Italy).

Answer on Operation in Mogadiscio - Fall '93 - Was it a failure or not?

Good reading: Black hawk Down & The Battle of Mogadishu. I have read both. Unfortunately the mission was a failure. President Clinton and Les Aspin(The Sec. of Defense at the time) Did not give our troops the needed equipment and resources they needed to complete the mission. As a result 18 young, brave heroes died in Mogadishu, and countless others were injured. Read these two books for a better understanding.

Also for even more info: go to they have interviews with the real soldiers who were on the ground that day.