Friday, August 29, 2008

Study abroad in Italy?

I was just wondering if anyone would know anyway to study abroad in Milan, Italy? I live in the United Kingdom and I want to go over to Milan take Italian course lessons and then further my career in business I am only 15 but if anyone also knows how to get a hand on a visa please also let me know. Please help me out, Thank you.

Answer on Study abroad in Italy?

You don't need a visa to study or work in Italy. Your British passport entitles you to work and study in any EU nation. So if you don't have a passport yet then apply for one, because you'll need it anyway to travel.

So you won't need a visa to go to Milan. See the below link for info and links on studying in Italy.

In the meantime why not go to the library and get an audio 'Learn Italian' book. Or you can buy one from WH Smith or Amazon for about 20 quid.