Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ten points! What is a good way to make a egg white omelet?

Ok, so i'm on a diet trying to lose weight, and i love and eat a ton of eggs because they are so low calorie and high protein. But i heard that the egg whites have all the nutrition, and the yolks are just fat. So, how do i make an egg white omelet or meal? Links, or recipes, or anything! I will choose best answer.
Thanks guys, have a great day.

Answer on Ten points! What is a good way to make a egg white omelet?

just mix up some egg white in a bowl
put some veggies(peppers, onions, mushrooms, whatever you like) in a sauce-pan with a little olive oil
after they saute add the egg whites and then flip

you can also hard boil the eggs and only eat the egg white

So healthy So yummy! =)
^ more egg white omelet recipes! ^

These videos show you HOW to separate egg whites

You can add the veggies into the egg whites and then pour them into a greased skillet
or you can saute the veggies in the pan and then just pour the egg in over the veggies