Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Question about diabetes?

I was advised that insulin dependant diabetes is considered type 1, not type 2. But i always thought that Type 1 was an individual who's body can't produce enough insulin on it's own so supplement insulin is needed and that Type 2 is mainly for adults who lived unhealthy life styles and developed diabetes b/c of too much insulin. At any rate, diabetes runs in my family. and they are by no means healthy (heavy heavy southern cooking and not lacking on the grease and fat by no means) and well I thought for that reason my folks became diabetic. but they are insulin dependant, including my mother. Am I wrong to think that my folks are diabetic b/c of their diet? btw everyone on my mother's side is diabetic. From both of my grandparents, to all of my uncles, except 2, and my aunts are all diabetics and are insulin dependant. But they were all diagnosed well into their adult life. thanks for the clarification.

Answer on Question about diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes can be genetic, but also being heavy and following an unhealthy diet will increase your odds of developing type 2. People who have type 2 can be insulin dependent. Some take oral meds and some can control their blood sugar with diet and exercise.
Type 1 has a very weak genetic component. It is thought to be an autoimmune disorder. People with type 1 do not make any insulin at all and must take insulin to survive.
People with type 2 may be insulin resistant, or not produce enough insulin or may not produce any insulin at all.

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its an automatic MLA fill in, easier to cite sources that way