Thursday, April 17, 2008

Do u like how Mc Cain dresses ??

Versace politics
Donatella Versace's latest men's collection was inspired by Sen. Barack Obama, she said Mc Cain needs to more cool , his style is hilibili.....…

Answer on Do u like how Mc Cain dresses ??

Hahahaha, Mc Cain shops in Damascus syrian

What do i do about my friend?

my friend is gay and a huge lady gaga school today, when i said she looked stupid the grammys he defended her and attacked me like a rabied animal! now he wont speak 2 me and is turning ppl against me. i have lost many gay friends because our different views on gaga. y is she more important then our friendship??? someone plz hlp

Answer on What do i do about my friend?

She isn't more important. He is just a big fan. I know how fan girls/guys can be. I'm a fan girl of some thing myself, so I can understand why he would go off on you because you said she 'looked stupid'. Maybe just talk to him about how it upset you, and he might understand. Come to terms with him on how you two should get along. It should all work out. :) Wish you luck~!