Sunday, January 20, 2008

Is there a problem with being a loner?

I'm a private person. My title is misleading, I am not a loner but most ignorant people like to assume that. Don't get me wrong, I have friends and I enjoy their company at times but i like - no LOVE doing things alone. Everythig alone. And some people find this offensive. My best friend gets very haughty with me because i do not always wish to see and be around her 24/7. Ive gone weeks without contacting her and im fine with that, but she hates it. I am not only introverted but I am a private person. I don't like airing my business out to the world and I prefer to do things alone, solve my own problems etc. My friends are offended that I don't open up to them as they do with me. They don't like the fact that I don't always go to parties with them. I just think that stuff is a little dull... I do drink but it's very rare. I don't like to smoke, but I will have a joint once or twice a year. I don't have facebook or myspace or hell even sometimes I refuse to pay my cell phone bill because I can honestly live my life happily without a phone, annoyed with constant calls it's a distraction :P

My friends cannot seem to contemplate how I exist since I am a private person. They argue, that I am too reseverved. My friend got mad at me, said that I get asked out by guys and she was mad that I "never accept their dates". Well I don't know I don't see or find anything interesting about them most of the time. My philosophy is if I like him, I'll pursue subtly. I don't know I'm not focussed on dating you know? I'm only 18, I've other priorities. I like it this way, I don't have to deal with nonsensical drama from people my age, and I don't know it just seems just fine for me. So why do some people make a big deal about this?

Is something wrong with the way i live life?

Answer on Is there a problem with being a loner?

You are a perfect person.
If you were caught by an issue into a certain domain, probably you'll be here and there, into some particular places... but you have absolutely no problem, I see, or have you? Why do you bother to ask?