Friday, December 21, 2007

How much would i be able to do in Europe for 3 weeks?

I'm flying into Frankfurt, Germany on July 1st and leaving the 21st. Me and a friend are planning to go to Belgium, Germany, Czech, Italy and Switzerland. City specific: Brussels, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Prague, Zurich, Venice, Rome, Florence and maybe Torino. We obviously are going to have a different intinerary once we get to europe because we dont know who we are going to meet, or what we are going to do. We are basing all these cities on basically a 2 day/night for each minus brussels (one day). Do you think this is a good plan or could we do a lot more in that time?

We arent much for history, we actually are there for scenery and meeting people/having a good time. So saying Rome for 4 days wouldn't fly hahahah

If anyone has an idea of other places we could visit around those areas let me know :)

Answer on How much would i be able to do in Europe for 3 weeks?

When in Zurich, try to get to Stoos. It is a skiing village that is only accessed by a cable train. Personally , I love it.Also, even though you are not into history, it may be worth your while to stop into a a WWII prison camp where the folks were exterminated. It is truly a moving experience! Enjoy your trip and have a wonderful day!

Can you give me info. on Commedia Dell'arte???

I have searched and searched the web and drama books. I still can find nothing about the audience of commedia dell'arte!I need to know what life was like for them in medievil italy for rich and poor.I also need to know,Who watched the plays and if there was a difference in the plays watched by rich and poor.Also,I need to find out about the particular time and place of theat theatre period...HELP!!!

Answer on Can you give me info. on Commedia Dell'arte???

I find it hard to believe that in drama books you can find nothing about Commedia Dell'Arte as it has one of the strongest influences on our entertainment as we know it today. At any rate, the performances weren't done in a traditional theatre, the commedia troupes set up in town squares and performed for the people on the street. So it was primarily entertainment for the masses. The shows were popular enough at the time for it to be shown to the nobles as well, but it didn't really change the type of show put on. They usually all had the same kind of story line, but what happened exactly usually changed from performance to performance due to the improvisitory nature of the shows. Main plot points were fixed, but the dialogue was less set each time. And the Italian Renaissnace happened a good 100 years before everybody else's in Europe, they were a cut above. Might try looking here for more info as well.…