Monday, December 17, 2007

Should i or Should I not?

well..i have a youtube account! i really want to upload a vid! nothin bad just me sayin this is my 1st vid,some song reviews,and the classis goofy stuff! just messin around with my bro! BUT my mom is crazy over this stuff! she won't let me get a twitter,facebook,or my space but i don't want one of those i want t upload a viveo! i do nothin wrong my channel is just music! when it say about me i have a paragraph on how you all love me and should subscrube! i want to ask but don't knw how with out her getin mad! any ideas! plz don't make fun just give me a stiaght real answer! or there is no 10 pts 4 you! btw i am 13! you can check out my page… sry i think the link is broken so just look me NeonAj123

Answer on Should i or Should I not?

I dont no I didn't listen to my mom and in the end it turned out fine but they're WAS some drama over it. On telling her try saying that ur a responsible young adult that can be trusted.Also throw in some compliments. :)