Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Am I Crazy About Justin Bieber or am i being creepy?

i have 176 photos of him and all of his latest songs but i dont like him that much when i feel down i listen to him and i feel better i realy need help because i can't identify how much i like him PLEASE HELP!!!!!

Answer on Am I Crazy About Justin Bieber or am i being creepy?

Are you crazy and/or creepy? Crazy depends on how old you are. If you are still a teenager, you are obsessed with a celebrity just like many teenagers and preteens are. When you are young, especially before you actually have a real relationship with a real boyfriend, you transfer those feelings to someone who is real, but still a fantasy figure like a celebrity. After all, even though he is a living, breathing human being, you don't really KNOW him as a human being. You don't know what he is like when he is not in front of the public. You never met him except possibly when he signed an autograph at some concert or fan-meet. He certainly doesn't know you AT ALL. Still, other than taking up space on your walls or desk or locker, or wherever you keep your 176 photos--no harm, no foul IF you are still a young person. If you are a married woman with kids the age of Justin Bieber, you have just slipped into the "crazy" territory.

Creepy is when a fan--of any age--actually goes out of her way to make actual contact (beyond just shaking his hand if you get to meet him at some public event). If you wait behind a trash can to jump out at him, scissors in hand to cut off a lock of his hair for a "souvenir"--then you're creepy. If you sneak into his hotel room disguised as maids as the girls in the story below did, you're creepy. Believe me, celebrities don't appreciate this kind of "devotion" at all. They don't know you! It freaks them out because there are those "fans" who do try to hurt or kill them. That man who got busted climbing the fence into Charlie Sheen's yard and has no idea why Sheen didn't appreciate his devotion (and his crazy Dad doesn't understand either and thinks Sheen should pay his son's legal costs).…………

Enjoy your pictures and the music as much as you like if you are at least around Bieber's age or younger--and if you are a grown-up lady--get some counseling because you need to get a grip.