Thursday, August 23, 2007

Family Problem, Could you help?

My Mom & Dad are alcoholic's & live in Italy (where the family business is) I see them both 10 times a year (They come here 5 times out of the year, and I go see them 5 times out of the year) When I was 14, we came over here, because my dad got a job offer. Well Katrina hit the next year, and I lost my baby brother and sister. My parents were here up till 3 years ago. Than my dad wanted to be back in Italy, because my grandfather was dying (and is still living to this day, god bless) But the thing is, apparently one night when they were VERY drunk, they messed around and my mother got pregnant. My mom DOES NOT want to come back over here, and have the child grow up over here. I don't want them both drinking, around or while pregnant with this child. Because in my own life while growing up there were many problems... There will be a 20 or 21 year difference between me and my brother or sister. My mom is almost 47. I find this kind of sad. My mom needs to be monitored 24/7 because shes been extremely depressed after Katrina hit and everything.

NOTE* For the last 4 years I've lived with my Boyfriend & I'm pregnant. (Im 20, and live in NO & attend LSU.)

I just want my mother and father to seek medical attention and stop the drinking, because not only is it breaking apart my relationship with them, its destroying my soon to be brother or sister life. Should I move back over? Or should I send a very long detailing note to my parents? Im 20 weeks pregnant. I need to make a decision before i hit 30 weeks.

Answer on Family Problem, Could you help?

Call the cops, this has to stop. Please, for your own safety and well-being.